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    from head to toe.
  • We use OmVeda products
    in all our treatments.
  • Our products are pure,
    organic & sourced
    from nature.
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  • Don't put anything
    on your skin
    you wouldn't eat!

OmVeda Ayurvedic beauty products Australia

Welcome to Sole Therapy Reflexology and OmVeda Ayurvedic beauty products shop

YOU OWE IT to yourself to experience a the healing benefits of a reflexology treatment at Trista Shanahan’s Sole Therapy. Based in Coffs Harbour on the NSW mid north coast, Trista’s reflexology practice also offers a range health treatments which will bring balance and radiance to your body, mind and spirit. All Sole Therapy body rituals or treatments employ the traditional Ayurvedic OmVeda range of skin and beauty products.

Get the right skin care regime for you

Trista Shanahan is more than a reflexologist, she offers a range of complimentary treatments and has a wealth of knowledge about India’s ancient Ayurvedic treatments too. These can help you to achieve health and wellbeing at every stage of your life. Trista can help you choose from her excellent range of OmVeda skin and hair beauty products in her studio or you can purchase them through her online store.

Online Beauty Store

PURCHASE OmVeda beauty products through our online store. OmVeda is a leading Ayurvedic range of hair, skin and body care. OmVeda products are formulated from pure organically grown herbs, flowers, bark, leaves, earth and oils from seeds, fruit or nuts. The ancient health and beauty system of Ayurveda employs natural ingredients that are cooling, stimulating, nourishing, moisturising, heating, antiseptic, germicidal, antiviral, depending upon your bodily constitution or Dosha.

Pure, Natural Ingredients

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and quickly absorbs whatever is put on it. OmVeda believe that what is applied to your skin should be good enough to eat. All the herbs used in OmVeda products are also prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctors as internal medicine.

Body Rituals

Let Trista pamper your way to beauty and well being with one or more of her soothing or remedial body rituals in the comfort, privacy and convenience of her home studio:

  • Reflexology sessions
  • Hot oil Indian head massage
  • Body massage
  • Ayurvedic Facials
  • Express Revival
  • Restorative Facial
  • One Hour Skin rejuvenator

To enhance the benefits of the OmVeda products, with all facials, Trista recommends adding on a 30 minute, tailored Reflexology session. Allow the fusion of ancient ayurvedic wisdom and the healing art of reflexology to Heal from the inside out.